Day 5- The Very Hungry caterpillar

I think I was looking forward to this scene more than the kids were or should I say kid. My daughter had the biggest meltdown at the prospect of this activity and just wanted to watch her show. I knew that when she saw the finished product that she would want one for herself. So I made her one.

Today we explored the butterfly, such an imaginative and colourful piece.

Things you will need:
Cellophane- colours of your choice
White paper
Texts permanent
Pva glue
Clear contact
Clear a4 film paper ( or a laminate paper)


Start by drawing your butterfly on your white piece of paper ( when I get to a computer later I will update a Pdf file that you can use)
Once completed I put the film over the drawing and stuck it on by using Blu Tack. I cut up all the cellophane and set it up on a plate.

Frugal tip #1 you can water down most Pva glue and it will still have the desired effect you want for this activity.


Use the guidelines to support where you are flying and placing the cellophane.


The only thing that went wrong I think was that I cut the cellophane on a corner edging and it made all the pieces very hard to unfold.


When the pieces are dry cut out a piece of contact. Remove whit paper and Blu Tack from you butterfly. Apply contact and cut out the butterfly shape.
Frugal Tip #2 keep the paper backing off your contact and use it as scrap graphs paper.


Add as much or as little detail with a permanent marker as you like.

Hang on a window and enjoy the beautiful colours that shine through it.



My daughter once seeing they were finished claimed mine as hers. I always try to use these meltdowns as teachable moments.




I did not forget…

The kids and I had an amazing adventure today! We visited my grandparents, and I will say that even as an adult I still get that giddy feeling of excitement every time I am on the way to see them.

Unfortunately there will be no caterpillar update today, we do have plans to complete a special one tomorrow though.

Following on from my Frozen post ( if you missed it catch up here ) I tried a different technique today.

My friend asked me to make her one, she didn’t care what colours I used either. Instead of dipping the jar straight into the salt, I waited for the paint to dry and applied mod podge over it then put the salt on to it. The rest of the steps remained the same.



I can’t wait till tomorrow when I take it to my friends tomorrow, hopefully she likes it.

Personally I preferred the salt onto paint look, because it looks more icy.

Take care

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies.” – Rudolph Giuliani


My daughter is absolutely obsessed with this movie she can’t get enough and secretly neither can I. The happiness that it brings to my daughter just makes me melt ( Olaf reference )

This year for her birthday we are giving her a frozen birthday and I would like to take you on that journey as well. I know many people have played around with Epsom salt on paint idea but I’m putting my own twist on it. I find that Epsom salts are expensive and if I’m going to be using a lot of salt I don’t want to be paying a fortune for it. I used regular table salt.

What you will need:
Empty jars ( from sauces )
Table salt
Hot glue gun
Enamel spray
Glitter spray


I started off by painting my jar, as you can see it has various tones, I thought that this would make it have a more realistic look. I then dipped in to the salt.


I took it outside and gave it a coat of enamel, when that was dry I gave it a coat of glitter spray as well.

I knew from the start that I wanted to make them into centrepieces. I thought rolled roses would be a perfect accompaniment to this. If you have never made rolled roses before here is a turorial

After I made all the roses I stuck them onto the lid. I sprayed them with the glitter spray.

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out only 20 more to go.



Keep an eye out for more Frozen party ideas in the coming weeks. Thanks for stopping by.

Day 4 – the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Today we decided that we would tackle the hard scene. The cocoon and the big fat caterpillar. I saw an idea a few months ago for a grass caterpillar ( if you would like to see the original idea you can find it here )

Our twist is that we are adding a cocoon to it. I thought that this idea would be showing the children that a change was happening inside the cocoon.

What you will need:
Grass seed
1.25 litre soft drink bottle
Hair ties
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Glue gun
Potting mix


We are going to start with the bottles you will want to cut a large hole in its side like you see here. After we did that we painted it brown, you could use any colour though.




Cut your desired length of stocking out.
For the next step we went outside, you will want to mix the seeds and the dirt together. You can start putting the dirt into the Stocking, once you have enough dirt to make the head, section it off with a hair tie, repeat this process until you are happy with the length.



The next part will require an adult, we stuck on the feelers and eyes with the hot glue gun. We then stuck our new friends in their new homes.

Tip: don’t forget to give your new pet a drink every now and then, they prefer to sleep in the sun as well.

I will endeavour to update this post when our little caterpillars start to grow. Until then happy home building.

Day 3- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Continuing on with our story board theme, I decided to try out ‘ the warm sun came out ‘ scene. I will be honest I was a bit perplexed about what I was going to use and how I was going to create it. But in the end I decided on doing a collage.

Items needed:


I cut out about an A5 size of cardboard and glued some white paper on it, I drew my design on it. I will be honest if I were to do Collage again I would make it bigger about an A4 for my toddler as he had trouble filling in the smaller parts. I cut up the paper in small strips and put it all on a plate ready for the kids to use.


We decided to try something new and watch The Very Hungry Caterpillar while we worked ( watch it here )




He absolutely had a ball doing this, but as you can see the black texta that I used began to run and made the end result a bit messy. So I decided to make my own, I made the caterpillar bigger and the sun smaller. I only left the grey lead outline to guide me.



I think the end result speaks for itself, using only the grey lead you don’t get the bleeding look that the black texta gave. The caterpillar looks more formed.

Hope you all have fun making your very own sun scenes.

Fun Fact: Doing art activities like this helps your child improve their hand to eye coordination

Scheduling- free printables

Oh the dreaded subject of schedules and organisation. I’m going to keep this post rather short on the topic. Everyone is always looking to find the perfect one for them or their family and sometimes what works for others just doesn’t work for some.

My daughter is a visual learner, this means that she remembers more what she sees than of what she can hear. For example I could read her Harry Potter the philosopher’s stone and when I had finished the book ask her questions, I can guarantee that her answers would go like this ” I don’t know”, “what are you talking about?” “They do magic” Now say if I put the movie on I could ask the same questions that are relatable both to the book and to the movie. She would answer these correct and if she was in the mood for it, give me a retell of the story.

So my daughter needs a visual schedule much like they use for toddlers and younger children. So it is hard to find a schedule that is reflective of her age bracket or for the activities that are required of her. So last night I decided to make my own, I used MS publisher as it easy to manipulate the pictures and text.

First of all I went to a fantastic site where you can generate images of either analog or digital clocks. ( you can access that site here). I used digital as my daughter responds better and can distinguish the numbers more easily.


This was spread across 3 sheets.

Handy tip – in all MS programs you can save your document as a PDF, this will make for easier file transferring if you are going to email it or upload it to be printed by a third party.

I absolutely struggled to find good cute images to put into the schedule, but a handy Google search led me to some websites that give you free clip art. ( you can go to the one I used here )

The next part was also done in publisher, as you will be able to see it is a fairly simple design, not everything has to be fancy or meticulous, as long as it works is the main thing.





I am pretty happy with the results but for now I am still figuring out what to do after I print them.

PDF files here if you wish to download

digital time





To be continued….

Day 2- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

After my last post I decided that I would make a story board with the kids based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I like to think that this will make the story more interactive for the kids so that are able to grasp onto the context of the story more quickly.

Again we started our activity off by watching Eric Carle read the Very Hungry Caterpillar ( you can watch it here ). I never tire of watching this.

Today we made the ‘A little egg lay on a leaf’ scene.

Materials needed:

Coloured paper
Glue stick


As you can see I have again cut out all the pieces for the kids to use. I didn’t have the exact colours I was looking for, but that’s what I plan on using the crayons for. Also if you don’t have coloured paper you can always colour in the sections to you desired colour.


All the items laid out on the picnic rug, I’ve also included one of those cheap plastic chopping boards for them to work on.





Tip- don’t forget to glue your background on cardboard first.

As you can see we coloured the blue back ground with crayons to try and make it look darker, it turned out ok. The rest was pretty easy, again my toddler just loved the gluing part, he stuck down the moon but I had to finish the rest.

He was pretty happy with the end result and kept saying Moon, Egg, Leaf.

Happy creating, don’t forget to come back tomorrow and see what scene we will be making next.

Fun Fact: New Brain Connections Are Created Every Time You Form a Memory.