When the plan doesn’t go to plan

Today was the day of my beautiful girls tenth birthday, today was the day that I had planned so much for.  I had laboured for months trying to find the perfect decorations,the perfect cake to make and hiring an entertainer that impersonated her idol Queen Elsa.

The Morning was filled with excitement and her looking forward to seeing some friends.  The party was full of Laughter and screaming ( the good kind)  Queen Elsa showed up and she was blown away, when Elsa refused to show her ice powers that’s when everything went down hill.  We had melt down after meltdown after meltdown.  

Eveything was making her sad and grumpy, she blamed me for ruining her birthday because I invited Elsa and I shouldn’t have.  The other kids were really supportive of Eliza and gave her lots of time to herself which is so great to see in ten year olds!  But everything was as always my fault.  Sometimes it’s really hard just to keep smiling through it all, when all you want to do is scream and cry because all you ever do is try your best and sometimes it just isn’t enough. 

Now she’s perfectly happy watching tv and everyone has gone home, and I’m still the only one that is affected by it.


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