Emergant reader DIY – colour

Well we’ve been busy working and going to school lately.  But today I bring you my colour Emergant reader.   Today it dawned on me while I was watching the children in class try to learn another language, that we tend to over complicate things when we teach our children to learn colours.  We buy books that are full of images that are of a certain colour, for example we have red apples for the colour red but doesn’t that mean The letter A as well? How confusing it must be for a child to learn in this day and age when we try and buy the best for them and it’s over complicated with images that can mean something else.  So this is my down to basics colour emergent reader.

Items needed:

-Coloured paper ( if you don’t have paper textas, crayons or pencils will suffice)


– black texta 

– White paper

– stapler 

-glue stick

Fold your main paper into fours cut along all the edges and staple on the long side.

Cut out all of your colours

They are roughly the same shape. 

Now as with the alphabet books start gluing the colour patches in one page at a time. 

Write the word for the colour underneath the patch.  I love to use black as it stands out and does not confuse the children when they are reading.

Pop on your front cover and you are done!  A fantastic no fuss back to basics colour Emergant reader.  

Happy colour learning!!! 


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