The very hungry caterpillar – Final instalment!

I wanted to do this project the same time as the others, but obviously my family does not drink enough soft drink to satisfy my craft needs.

This is based on my favourite part of the book, when the hungry eats something different every day of the week. So I wanted to make a sequencing game which incorporated all the things I loved. It would help my toddler learn how to count, how to retell the story in our own words and most of all have fun.

What you will need:

Cylinder with a lid ( I used a Pringles container)
Coloured paper
25 bottle caps
White out
Glue stick
1 pipe cleaner
Stanley knife
Textas ( I had to use paint as we seem to have a texta eating monster in our house)



I started by whiting out the tops of the lids. After these dried I started to paint all my fruit and other delectables that the caterpillar ate. I was pretty happy with the end result. If you are not confident with your artistic ability you could always use clippings from catalogues or Google some images of the Internet to stick on the stops.


Next you will want to glue a green piece of paper around your cylinder. To make it more durable I added a layer of contact. Do not stress if you get a lot of wrinkles it adds texture, which doubles as a sensory toy. I created his face next, a red circle for his face, yellow ovals for his eyes and some green ovals for his pupils. Now for the tricky bit! Stick your lid on top of your cylinder. You will want to get out your Stanley knife and cut out a rectangle under your eyes.


Grab your pipe cleaner and cut it in half and make them into loops. Make two cross incisions with your Stanley knife on the top of your cylinder. Stick your pipe cleaners in and twist them from the inside of your cylinder.


Now stick your lid back on and grab your kids and have some fun.


Both kids joined in and started saying what food was going inside the caterpillars stomach. The toddler played with this for over an hr until he got tired.



Happy creating! I hope you make some awesome hungry caterpillars!!


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