Maths kit 1-5

It’s been crazy at my house lately, I’m back working and I feel like I have no time to let my mind be creative, until last night when I was listening to the sweet sounds of my toddler counting to ten by himself. It struck me that yes he can count to ten but he does have trouble counting with objects and number recognition.

So that’s how my Maths kit 1-5 came around.


This kit is completely handmade no printables in here. Sometimes I find making things like this extremely therapeutic.

I added some toys that I found at the dollar shop in this bag so he can practice counting on.



I decided to make a mini abacus for him to use, I remember always loving the feeling of moving the counters on an abacus when I was a child. For this you will need a pipe cleaner cut in half and 5 beads.


You will want to twist one end so the beads don’t fall off, start threading the beads on and twist the remaining end.


I also decided to throw in some number recognition cards I made with stickers, paper and a texta.

The idea behind these are that a child can count the stickers and pick what number it matches. I laminated these but you could also use contact.


I thought I’d add some pegs as well so he could practise his motor skills.


The next thing to go in was my tally stick game. I used bright coloured paper. Texta and some icy pole sticks.

I drew the tally marks on separate coloured paper and what it equalled on the back, I than laminated it.




The last thing to go in was the Dice faces. This was just paper and texta and than laminated. I threw a sneaky six in because let’s face it they may as well learn their way around a dice properly.


So there you have it a wonderful resource for that budding mathematician. Because I had nearly everything already at home this little kit cost me around $3. You seriously can’t beat that on value. It’s hands on for the kids to learn and much more fun than store bought flash cards that would cost around the same.

Happy counting.


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