Make your own emergent reader at home!

Today my toddler and I were sitting down reading his abc emergent readers that I had spent a pretty penny on. When it dawned on me why does my 2 year old need to know how to say alien or astronaut at this age. Should he not be learning words that he can associate with in the real world.

While he was taking his nap and I was having my nice hot coffee ( only time I really get one ) I was flicking through our local catalogues! I thought how my toddler likes to look through them as well when I had the sudden idea to incorporate the catalogues into my own homemade emergent reader! A super cost effective way to get your child to start associating pictures with text!

What you will need:

1 a4 piece of paper
Glue stick

I started off by folding the a4 sheet into 4


Cut along the folded edges! Then staple together on the long side. If you feel like it, you can cut out a fun border on your book.


I chose to do the letter B today simply because there were more B things than A.


Cut out your selected items and start gluing them into the book.

Handy tip! Most states have their own education department website. On here you can find out what font your child will be taught in school. If you can print it out and keep a copy safe somewhere.

Make sure you print the word clearly onto the page and try not to use cursive print.


This is such a cheap way to make realistic emergent readers at home. I tried it with my toddler when he woke up and he absolutely loved it. He associated the picture with the word which is what all emergent readers about. Just remember reading at this age is meant to be about having fun and building confidence.

Happy creating!


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