Frozen Invite- free printable

So yesterday both the kidlets were feeling under the weather, so cue pyjama and movies day.  When the little one drifted off into his nap for the day, I had an idea.  I still could not find an invitation that I liked for my daughter’s birthday.

I started off by searching for backgrounds that I could use and stumbled across this one that I liked.

frozen base

I found a really awesome site that lets you translate English into runes ( find that here )
So I used sentences like By order of Her Royal Highness Princess , all subjects are formally requested to attend court to celebrate her nameday and translated these into runes and used them around my background as a frame. I then found a picture of Elsa that I liked as well and put that into it as well.

I had to download some new fonts to make this project.
new fonts I used:


I was ecstatic with the end result, I saved it as a jpeg and uploaded it to my local Photo Printing shop to be printed as a photo. So realistically why it took me a couple of hours to do all the work it has ended up costing only $3 for thirty Prints. I also got the thumbs up approval for my daughter


So if you feel like making something similar I have included the file for you to use. Don’t forget to save it as a JPEG before you print it.



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