Day 4 – the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Today we decided that we would tackle the hard scene. The cocoon and the big fat caterpillar. I saw an idea a few months ago for a grass caterpillar ( if you would like to see the original idea you can find it here )

Our twist is that we are adding a cocoon to it. I thought that this idea would be showing the children that a change was happening inside the cocoon.

What you will need:
Grass seed
1.25 litre soft drink bottle
Hair ties
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Glue gun
Potting mix


We are going to start with the bottles you will want to cut a large hole in its side like you see here. After we did that we painted it brown, you could use any colour though.




Cut your desired length of stocking out.
For the next step we went outside, you will want to mix the seeds and the dirt together. You can start putting the dirt into the Stocking, once you have enough dirt to make the head, section it off with a hair tie, repeat this process until you are happy with the length.



The next part will require an adult, we stuck on the feelers and eyes with the hot glue gun. We then stuck our new friends in their new homes.

Tip: don’t forget to give your new pet a drink every now and then, they prefer to sleep in the sun as well.

I will endeavour to update this post when our little caterpillars start to grow. Until then happy home building.

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