Scheduling- free printables

Oh the dreaded subject of schedules and organisation. I’m going to keep this post rather short on the topic. Everyone is always looking to find the perfect one for them or their family and sometimes what works for others just doesn’t work for some.

My daughter is a visual learner, this means that she remembers more what she sees than of what she can hear. For example I could read her Harry Potter the philosopher’s stone and when I had finished the book ask her questions, I can guarantee that her answers would go like this ” I don’t know”, “what are you talking about?” “They do magic” Now say if I put the movie on I could ask the same questions that are relatable both to the book and to the movie. She would answer these correct and if she was in the mood for it, give me a retell of the story.

So my daughter needs a visual schedule much like they use for toddlers and younger children. So it is hard to find a schedule that is reflective of her age bracket or for the activities that are required of her. So last night I decided to make my own, I used MS publisher as it easy to manipulate the pictures and text.

First of all I went to a fantastic site where you can generate images of either analog or digital clocks. ( you can access that site here). I used digital as my daughter responds better and can distinguish the numbers more easily.


This was spread across 3 sheets.

Handy tip – in all MS programs you can save your document as a PDF, this will make for easier file transferring if you are going to email it or upload it to be printed by a third party.

I absolutely struggled to find good cute images to put into the schedule, but a handy Google search led me to some websites that give you free clip art. ( you can go to the one I used here )

The next part was also done in publisher, as you will be able to see it is a fairly simple design, not everything has to be fancy or meticulous, as long as it works is the main thing.





I am pretty happy with the results but for now I am still figuring out what to do after I print them.

PDF files here if you wish to download

digital time





To be continued….


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