The very hungry caterpillar

Let’s kick things off with a family favourite, The very hungry caterpillar. Both my children 9 & 2 absolutely enjoy this book, the beautiful colourful drawings of Eric Carle absolutely draw you in, but we can’t forget the subtlety of his writing either. We are so captivated by what the caterpillar is doing that we don’t realise that we are learning the life cycle of the butterfly, the days of the week or that we are counting.

We tend to focus on a book for about a week. This gives us enough time to understand what is happening in the book and add some new words in the vocabulary for the younger one.

We start off these lessons watching Eric Carle read us the book ( watch it here ) I find that this engages my Autistic daughter more than simply reading her the book.

Then Afterwards we will have a creative lesson, I tend to prepare this earlier as it makes it a smoother transition for the children.

Today we made our very own caterpillar, I got the inspiration for this from one of the teachers that I worked with last year ( Mrs S).

Things that you will need:
Paper- various colours
Glue- I used clag and a glue stick
Hole puncher
Glitter that my daughter insisted on


I used an a4 sheet of green paper, folded it in half then drew a leaf on it and cut it out. After it was cut out I stuck it onto an empty cereal box to make it more sturdy.


I cut various coloured paper into strips then made them into circles ( I used the Glue stick for this) I cut out the eyes and feelers as well.


I set everything up on a picnic rug on the floor and we were ready to go.






As you can see they both had lots of fun, I found that my toddler seemed to enjoy the glueing bit more than anything and needed some help with sticking the pre-made circles on there. My daughter preferred the squished look.

Tip- If you don’t have your desired colour paper, just use plain and colour it in how you like.

Hope you all have lots of fun Listening to the Very Hungry Caterpillar and making your very own beautiful caterpillars.


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