When the plan doesn’t go to plan

Today was the day of my beautiful girls tenth birthday, today was the day that I had planned so much for.  I had laboured for months trying to find the perfect decorations,the perfect cake to make and hiring an entertainer that impersonated her idol Queen Elsa.

The Morning was filled with excitement and her looking forward to seeing some friends.  The party was full of Laughter and screaming ( the good kind)  Queen Elsa showed up and she was blown away, when Elsa refused to show her ice powers that’s when everything went down hill.  We had melt down after meltdown after meltdown.  

Eveything was making her sad and grumpy, she blamed me for ruining her birthday because I invited Elsa and I shouldn’t have.  The other kids were really supportive of Eliza and gave her lots of time to herself which is so great to see in ten year olds!  But everything was as always my fault.  Sometimes it’s really hard just to keep smiling through it all, when all you want to do is scream and cry because all you ever do is try your best and sometimes it just isn’t enough. 

Now she’s perfectly happy watching tv and everyone has gone home, and I’m still the only one that is affected by it.


Emergant reader DIY – colour

Well we’ve been busy working and going to school lately.  But today I bring you my colour Emergant reader.   Today it dawned on me while I was watching the children in class try to learn another language, that we tend to over complicate things when we teach our children to learn colours.  We buy books that are full of images that are of a certain colour, for example we have red apples for the colour red but doesn’t that mean The letter A as well? How confusing it must be for a child to learn in this day and age when we try and buy the best for them and it’s over complicated with images that can mean something else.  So this is my down to basics colour emergent reader.

Items needed:

-Coloured paper ( if you don’t have paper textas, crayons or pencils will suffice)


– black texta 

– White paper

– stapler 

-glue stick

Fold your main paper into fours cut along all the edges and staple on the long side.

Cut out all of your colours

They are roughly the same shape. 

Now as with the alphabet books start gluing the colour patches in one page at a time. 

Write the word for the colour underneath the patch.  I love to use black as it stands out and does not confuse the children when they are reading.

Pop on your front cover and you are done!  A fantastic no fuss back to basics colour Emergant reader.  

Happy colour learning!!! 

The very hungry caterpillar – Final instalment!

I wanted to do this project the same time as the others, but obviously my family does not drink enough soft drink to satisfy my craft needs.

This is based on my favourite part of the book, when the hungry eats something different every day of the week. So I wanted to make a sequencing game which incorporated all the things I loved. It would help my toddler learn how to count, how to retell the story in our own words and most of all have fun.

What you will need:

Cylinder with a lid ( I used a Pringles container)
Coloured paper
25 bottle caps
White out
Glue stick
1 pipe cleaner
Stanley knife
Textas ( I had to use paint as we seem to have a texta eating monster in our house)



I started by whiting out the tops of the lids. After these dried I started to paint all my fruit and other delectables that the caterpillar ate. I was pretty happy with the end result. If you are not confident with your artistic ability you could always use clippings from catalogues or Google some images of the Internet to stick on the stops.


Next you will want to glue a green piece of paper around your cylinder. To make it more durable I added a layer of contact. Do not stress if you get a lot of wrinkles it adds texture, which doubles as a sensory toy. I created his face next, a red circle for his face, yellow ovals for his eyes and some green ovals for his pupils. Now for the tricky bit! Stick your lid on top of your cylinder. You will want to get out your Stanley knife and cut out a rectangle under your eyes.


Grab your pipe cleaner and cut it in half and make them into loops. Make two cross incisions with your Stanley knife on the top of your cylinder. Stick your pipe cleaners in and twist them from the inside of your cylinder.


Now stick your lid back on and grab your kids and have some fun.


Both kids joined in and started saying what food was going inside the caterpillars stomach. The toddler played with this for over an hr until he got tired.



Happy creating! I hope you make some awesome hungry caterpillars!!

Maths kit 1-5

It’s been crazy at my house lately, I’m back working and I feel like I have no time to let my mind be creative, until last night when I was listening to the sweet sounds of my toddler counting to ten by himself. It struck me that yes he can count to ten but he does have trouble counting with objects and number recognition.

So that’s how my Maths kit 1-5 came around.


This kit is completely handmade no printables in here. Sometimes I find making things like this extremely therapeutic.

I added some toys that I found at the dollar shop in this bag so he can practice counting on.



I decided to make a mini abacus for him to use, I remember always loving the feeling of moving the counters on an abacus when I was a child. For this you will need a pipe cleaner cut in half and 5 beads.


You will want to twist one end so the beads don’t fall off, start threading the beads on and twist the remaining end.


I also decided to throw in some number recognition cards I made with stickers, paper and a texta.

The idea behind these are that a child can count the stickers and pick what number it matches. I laminated these but you could also use contact.


I thought I’d add some pegs as well so he could practise his motor skills.


The next thing to go in was my tally stick game. I used bright coloured paper. Texta and some icy pole sticks.

I drew the tally marks on separate coloured paper and what it equalled on the back, I than laminated it.




The last thing to go in was the Dice faces. This was just paper and texta and than laminated. I threw a sneaky six in because let’s face it they may as well learn their way around a dice properly.


So there you have it a wonderful resource for that budding mathematician. Because I had nearly everything already at home this little kit cost me around $3. You seriously can’t beat that on value. It’s hands on for the kids to learn and much more fun than store bought flash cards that would cost around the same.

Happy counting.

Make your own emergent reader at home!

Today my toddler and I were sitting down reading his abc emergent readers that I had spent a pretty penny on. When it dawned on me why does my 2 year old need to know how to say alien or astronaut at this age. Should he not be learning words that he can associate with in the real world.

While he was taking his nap and I was having my nice hot coffee ( only time I really get one ) I was flicking through our local catalogues! I thought how my toddler likes to look through them as well when I had the sudden idea to incorporate the catalogues into my own homemade emergent reader! A super cost effective way to get your child to start associating pictures with text!

What you will need:

1 a4 piece of paper
Glue stick

I started off by folding the a4 sheet into 4


Cut along the folded edges! Then staple together on the long side. If you feel like it, you can cut out a fun border on your book.


I chose to do the letter B today simply because there were more B things than A.


Cut out your selected items and start gluing them into the book.

Handy tip! Most states have their own education department website. On here you can find out what font your child will be taught in school. If you can print it out and keep a copy safe somewhere.

Make sure you print the word clearly onto the page and try not to use cursive print.


This is such a cheap way to make realistic emergent readers at home. I tried it with my toddler when he woke up and he absolutely loved it. He associated the picture with the word which is what all emergent readers about. Just remember reading at this age is meant to be about having fun and building confidence.

Happy creating!

All days are not the same

There have been many things happening in our household these past few days I have been absent! We have discovered that there are always new ways to create tantrums that there are only a couple of weeks until school is back. That some days are better than the others.

I forget sometimes about my daughters ASD, I forget that she is constantly fighting to be perfect in an imperfect world. That she alone knows the battles that she fights inside her head, which battle she picks to fight the hardest, is it the battle not to hurt herself today? Or the battle not to scream at everything? Or the battle to interact with her family? It’s so easy to forget sometimes especially when she can appear so normal, so easy to forget!

The last few days have been filled with her fights that she has chosen to show on the outside. Her battle wounds visible in the open sores she has picked at. These are the days that I feel helpless that everything I do can not even ease my own child’s pain, that day in and day out she suffers in silence for fear that she may scare people or even worst have her family reject her just for being herself. I constantly remind her that her family loves her just for being her but even she knows that society expects us all to be the same. She grew up watching Disney where everyone who gets a happy ending is what society deems normal. To this day she still sings to everything and everyone when she is sad.

Tonight she shot one of her first films with her dolls! This is really the only way that she interacts with her toys by making films/plays with them. Tomorrow I will hopefully teach her how to edit them on her computer, before we get frustrated with each other!


Frozen Invite- free printable

So yesterday both the kidlets were feeling under the weather, so cue pyjama and movies day.  When the little one drifted off into his nap for the day, I had an idea.  I still could not find an invitation that I liked for my daughter’s birthday.

I started off by searching for backgrounds that I could use and stumbled across this one that I liked.

frozen base

I found a really awesome site that lets you translate English into runes ( find that here )
So I used sentences like By order of Her Royal Highness Princess , all subjects are formally requested to attend court to celebrate her nameday and translated these into runes and used them around my background as a frame. I then found a picture of Elsa that I liked as well and put that into it as well.

I had to download some new fonts to make this project.
new fonts I used:


I was ecstatic with the end result, I saved it as a jpeg and uploaded it to my local Photo Printing shop to be printed as a photo. So realistically why it took me a couple of hours to do all the work it has ended up costing only $3 for thirty Prints. I also got the thumbs up approval for my daughter


So if you feel like making something similar I have included the file for you to use. Don’t forget to save it as a JPEG before you print it.